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Erik Engi

Designs and develops ergonomic responsive web applications with scalable backends and microservices.

Core Technical Competencies

Front End

Styled Components


Node.js, MongoDB
GraphQL, SQL
PHP, MySql
Java, C, C++


React, Vue.js
Nuxt.js, Angular
Razzle, Webpack
Express, Micro
Bootstrap, jQuery

UI and UX design

high-level programming
quality management
version control, Git
interaction design


Android, iOS
Apache Cordova
Bitcoin, Ethereum

Professional Work Experience

React Native Developer – Boomer Digital, Remote

2018 – 2019
  • As a member of a 5-person team developed an iOS and Android application for the client company group based in New York which has 400-500 employees in the finance and real estate sector.
  • Implemented a Launch Screen and resolved a related iOS build issue on Bitrise.
  • Identified the cause of a non-reproducible timezone related date issue. This helped us to resolve it and maintain a strong relationship with the client.

Web Developer Expert – Codementor, Remote

2017 – 2018
  • Mentored a developer daily for 3+ months having 90-minute sessions helping with more than 7 technologies including Node.js, React, Redux, Express and MongoDB.
  • Completed 100+ sessions and projects with 30+ 5 star reviews for a wide variety of clients from pharmacists to experienced developers.
  • Developed websites like Voysis, Keune Advanced Academy and Georgia Defense Exchange.
  • Used GraphGL with MongoDB working on Apptism with Joey Burzynski from MarketKarma.
  • Identified a severe information leak and got a symbolic $500 award for reporting it.
  • Worked with developers like Kiara Robles from Blockstream and companies like US-EcoLogic & TexEnergy, Ironclad Logistics Group and Axelisys.

Web Developer – CodersClan, Remote

2017 – 2019
  • Worked on company websites like Optimove, Namogoo, Tensera, Finanda and Pepperi.
  • Implemented Pumika Digital LTD’s contact page design for Tensera Networks.

IT Consultant S4-IT, Germany and Hungary

2015 – 2016
  • Used Visualforce, Salesforce Lightning Experience and Heroku.
  • Got a symbolic salary bonus for performing well and identifying several issues in a cloud service.
  • Earned a Salesforce Certified Administrator license.
  • Was selected to design and develop the company’s new website.

Professional Project Work Experience

Facebook Searcher

React, Styled Components, Material-UI, JavaScript, Node.js, Express, Firebase 2017

Created the above-linked form for Facebook. Search people by location, workplace, school and relation.

Best Arcade Script

HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, MySql, Apache, jQuery, Swiper, CodeMirror 2014
  • Implemented support for 21+ game feed providers including Softgames, Famobi and Gamepix.
  • Automated product delivery by integrating PayPal Instant Payment Notifications.
  • Optimized application and sales page performance using Google’s Closure Compiler Service.

HTML5 Games Club

cPanel, Cloudflare, phpMyAdmin, Google AdSense, GitLab, GitHub Desktop 2014

Started the above-linked website which is a collection of online HTML5 games using Best Arcade Script.

  • Achieved 2,700+ monthly users with 2,500+ games and 17+ categories in one place.


2013 – 2015

Budapest University of Technology and Economics

Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Informatics
Information Technology Engineer Bachelor of Science